IntelleScript Video IVVR Platform

Video Communications and Services for 3G and IP networks

IntelleScript Video is a multifunctional platform solution designed for telecommunication providers, content distributors, and corporate enterprises to develop and deploy a wide variety of Voice, Video and SMS services.

Comprehensive Solution: the system contains 3G/GSM/IP/PSTN connectivity components, an application execution core, an integrated development environment, administration and monitoring tools, content management and CDR generation/activity reporting.

Distributed Architecture: the system allows for single server or clustered deployment for maximum stability, performance and capacity in all types of networks including geographical redundancy.

High Availability: the system features a hot backup of every functional module for uninterrupted operation and comprehensive internal redundancy design without SPOF.

High port density: the system is designed to minimize cooling requirements, installation footprint and power consumption.

IntelleScript Video relies on the state-of-the-art hardware by Dialogic®, a world recognized leader of the computer telephony market. Along with a traditionally outstanding quality of network signaling and audio call processing, this innovative hardware platform delivers a high performance video processing capability (up to 1000 channels per server) through the use of advanced transcoding, image multiplexing and overlay technologies. A proprietary UMTS video streaming quality improvement technology by Dialogic® MediaLabs ensures a much better image quality for mobile video-calls.

IntelleScript Video IVVR


Fast facts – Forte-IT

    • Telecom software manufacturer since 1998
    • System supplier for wireless, PSTN and IP networks
    • Over 1000 E1 ports (more than 30000 lines) installed
    • Experts in signaling, media solutions and VAS services
    • Strong engineering expertise
    • Fast, reliable 24/7 support


    • Information Services Video IVR, Video Portal, E-tickets
    • Social Networking Services Blogs, Chats, Dating
    • Contact Center Solutions Help Desk, Banking, Payments, Telemedicine
    • Entertainment Services Games, Mobile Content, Bets, Adult 18+
    • Streaming Video Services Augmented Reality, Surveillance, YouTube
    • TV Broadcasting Services Mobile TV, Live Show, Voting, Quiz

Key features

    • Network signalling: ISUP, ISDN, H.323, SIP, 3G-324M
    • IN signaling : INAP, IS.41 WIN, CAMEL
    • E1, T1, Ethernet connectivity
    • Improved video quality
    • H.263, MPEG4, streaming media
    • Up to 720K busy hour call attempts
    • Linear scalability of E1 ports
    • VoiceXML and ccXML for rapid application development
    • Efficient scripting language for complicated services
System capacity Up to 12 E1 per server
From 1 to 128 servers per cluster
Up to 192 SS7 links per server, HSL support
Signalling server in single or dual-resilient configurations
Up to 1000 SIP sessions / 600 MM sessions / 240 3G-324M sessions
Protocols Support SS7 (ISUP, INAP, MAP, TCAP)
ISDN (worldwide)
3GPP 3G-324M Rel 99 (TDM) / Rel 4 (NbUP), MONA
ITU-T H.323, SIP RFC-3261
T.38 and V.17 Fax
Supported codecs H.263, H.264, MPEG4, AMR-NB, AMR-WB
G.711 (PCM, ADPCM, uLaw, aLaw), G.723.1, G.726, G.729, GSM-FR
Video features Transcoding with frame rate conversion, image rescale, I-Frame update
Conference with custom video layout & PIP
Overlay images & text
Enhanced video bitrate controller
Real-time Streaming
DVR controls
Audio features Audio Transcoding
Conference with advanced gain control
DTMF Processing (Tone Detection/Generation, RFC2833)
Speech recognition (MRCP v1, v2, RTSP / RTP, SIP SDP)
Custom web & DB integration HTTP / HTTPS, SSH, XML, FTP, RADIUS
Administration and management Graphical real-time monitoring & activity reporting tool
Centralized Administration utility
Audio/Video content management with import/export features
SNMP MIBs support
Service Creation Environment IDE (Online/offline debugging, syntax highlight/code completion)
Carrier grade features Dual-server hot redundancy configuration
Cluster system with no SPOF
External data storage
One-place administration of distributed systems
Tech support levels Languages: English, Russian.
1st level: 24x7x365 phone/e-mail/web
2nd level: work time (MSK time) phone/e-mail/web
3rd level: e-mail only
Fast hardware replacement
Hardware specification Power: 100-240 AC, -48 DC, up to 700W, Hot Plug and Redundant.
Rack mount 19” 2U, 4U appliance
Connectivity: E1, T1, Ethernet