Call-Center solution

Fully Featured Contact Center Solution from an Industry Leader

A multi-purpose call-center solution for processing the full variety of inbound and outbound calls (audio, video, Web requests, e-mail, SMS, fax) designed for deployment on both conventional telephony and VoIP technology platforms.

The video streaming capabilities of the Call-o-Call® solution open the door for new communication service offerings. Call-o-Call’s web service integration allows for a reduction of customer call waiting time and a better operator-to-customer ratio. The newly added video processing and speech recognition functionalities help improve the operating company’s image and customer loyalty.

Call-center Call-o-Call


  • Customer support video Q&A
  • Banking and insurance contact center
  • Communication service provider’s video call centers
  • Entertainment video services
  • Remote education institutions
  • TV broadcast video portals
  • Remote medical services


Our long-term partnership with Dialogic makes Call-o-Call® a truly powerful and sophisticated video contact center solution. The Call-o-Call® system has everything you need for easy and effective implementation of a distributed voice and video call center.