Forte-IT presents the IntelleScript Video platform at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Spain).

Forte-IT presents the Call-o-Call® Video contact center at the annual Call Center World Forum (CCWF’2010).

Forte-IT releases 3G network compatible versions of our IntelleScript Video platform and Call-o-Call® Video contact center.

Forte-IT is dubbed a Platinum Application Partner by Dialogic, the global leader of the computer telephony industry.

The Call-o-Call® contact-center system has been fully certified.

Forte-IT initiates the Sonnette outsourced contact center project.

Presidential Direct Line: Forte-IT supplies the Sinttera federal telecom operator with call-center software for the event with V.Putin

Forte-IT initiates the Rent-an-IVR partnership program for content providers.

Forte-IT brings mobile interactivity technologies to TV shows The Big Brother, Ugly Betty, The Night Games.

Forte-IT comes tall to the mobile content market.

Forte-IT deploys the IntelleScript Pro IVR for 9 geographical regions of the Beeline mobile network.

Forte-IT releases a new version of the IntelleScript platform with native support of intelligent networks(IN) and recent telcom protocols.

Forte-IT completes the first commercial installation of the Call-o-Call® contact-center system for the nation-wide customer support line of the MIR consumer electronics retail chain.

The Call-o-Call® trademark has been registered for Forte-IT’s flagship contact-center system.

Forte-IT implements the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

Forte-IT deploys the IntelleScript Pro IVR platform for VimpelCom, a leading Russian telecom operator.

Forte-IT releases the CallOffice system later evolved into the Call-o-Call® contact-center.

Forte-IT deploys the first version of the IntelleScripr Pro service design platform for the KazakhAudioSystem company (Almata, Kazakhstan).

The VPost.RU portal is awarded National Intel Internet Prize and wins the Golden URL competition.

Forte-IT wins a special award at the 5th Computer Telephony Conference.

Forte-IT releases a set of specialized computer telephony products: Bank Office, Vote Post, PrePaid Office, Tone Page, Notify Office, Service Office.

Forte-IT completes the maiden installation of the VPost voicemail system for the VGTS company (Vladivostok, Russia).

Forte-IT launches the first version of the VPOST.ru portal that interfaces the VPost voicemail system to the Web.

Forte-IT releases its very first computer telephony product: the VPost voicemail system.

Forte-IT and Comptek shake hands to promote Dialogic hardware based computer telephony systems in Russia.

Forte-IT is founded by a group of Moscow State University graduates.