We are proud to have successfully completed over 200 large projects in over 80 regions of Russia and the ex-USSR. Here we present the most significant ones.

Beeline Telecommunications
Beeline Telecommunications

One of the largest Russian telecom operators, Beeline is the trademark of the VympelCom company for the mobile, landline phone, Internet, TV and Wi-Fi market. The Beeline brand is also the front face of Sovintel, InvestElektroSvyaz, Kortek and other companies of the VympleCom family.

Beeline is one of the two Russian brandnames (along with MTS) that made it to the Financial Times’ 2009 list of the world’s top brands rated #72. It is also rated 39 among most recognized European brands per the European Brand Institute in 2009.

Forte-IT deployed our IntelleScript Pro platform for Beeline to operate a variety of call services on a node of 30,000 lines.


MIR Retail Chain
MIR Retail Chain

MIR is a large specialty retailer of consumer electronics in Russia.

Forte-IT supplied a «classic» Call-o-Call® solution and integrated it into the legacy telecom system for regional customers to reach the Moscow customer care center via a toll-free number (the 800 area code).



Rostelecom is Russia’s largest national telecommunications operator with presence in all Russian regions. The Group is a universal operator and undisputable leader of broadband and pay-TV markets in Russia with over 9 million fixed-line broadband subscribers and over 6 million pay-TV subscribers. As Rostelecom develops its mobile data networks, its position as a major mobile operator is growing with over 13 million currently subscribed to Rostelecom’s mobile voice services. The Company currently has approximately 28 million local fixed-line voice subscribers and it is the leader in the corporate and government services segment. The Group is also an important innovator that provides solutions in the field of medicine, E-Government, cloud computing and education.


SkyLink Telecom

The SkyLink company is a leader of the Russian 3G market specializing in hi-speed mobile Internet access and voice communications via the 3G CDMA2000 1X EV-DO technology in the 450MHz range. SkyLink covers over 6,000 municipalities in 36 regions of Russia. As of the second quarter of 2009, SkyLink has over 1.8 million subscribers.


Zvonkoff (Kiev, ukraine)

Zvonkoff is a recognized customer service and market research contractor that employs the Call-o-Call® contact-center by Forte-IT to efficiently manage their large volumes of inbound and outbound calls.


Zvonkovy Dom
Zvonkovy Dom (Kiev, Ukraine)

Zvonkovy Dom (Call House) is a well-known business facilitator that specializes in helping both small businesses (virtual offices, call management) and industry leaders (information lines, IVR, SMS/Web request handling, teleconferences). The efficient, flexible and reliable Call-o-Call® solution from Forte-IT makes it possible for Zvonkovy Dom to maintain the world-best level of customer satisfaction while saving on equipment costs.

Ukrainian Advanced Telecom (Ukraine)

Ukrainian Advanced Telecom is a major telcom construction and system integration contractor for industrial, retail, financial and governmental construction and renovation projects. The company also works as a communication and multimedia service provider (branded UNTC Multimedia).

Ukrainian Advanced Telecom runs an IntelleScript IVR platform supplied, deployed and maintained by Forte-IT. The platform implements a few popular voice services such as a lottery, adult hotline, karaoke entertainment, dating and a number of TV-related projects. Besides, the SMS support capability of the platform provides for SMS-based services such as school reports, TV polls, TV quiz shows and other.

Information and Directory Agency 516
‘516’ Information and Directory Agency

The ‘516’ agency is a toll-free 24/7 directory assistance service for the Far East region of Russia. The agency provides office directory assistance for all major municipalities of the region, the regional emergency channel and the consumer awareness hotline. Besides, the ‘516’ agency offers a variety of telephone marketing and market research services for both regional and national businesses.

The ‘516’ agency runs Forte-IT’s Call-o-Call® contact-center for 100+ call operators divided in 3 work groups. This fully featured, ISO 9001:2000 certified contact center handles over 10 million inbound and outbound calls annually, both voice and fax. It is also integrated with the agency’s CRM system for optimized customer billing and accounting operations. The ‘516’ contact center has the Watchdog E1 bridging option for uninterrupted service in case of hardware or software failure.


West Siberia Commercial Bank

The West Siberia commercial bank runs a Call-o-Call® contact-center from its Tumen head office to support a single phone banking number (522-000) for all local branches.


TransTeleCom Company

TransTeleCom (TTK) operates and services the largest fiber-optic communication network in Russia, with a length of more than 53,000 km and a network capacity of 560 Gbps. The network is laid along the railways, and has more than 1,000 access nodes in all regions of Russia and connects Europe and Asia. 17 regional enterprises created in the largest Russian cities provide TTK services all over the country.

The Company is one of three leading alternative operators of fixed communication and provides 33% of long-distance channel lease, occupies 27% in the segment of backbone Internet and 31% in the IP VPN market.


Rosinter Restorants
RosInter Restaurants

Rosinter Restaurants Holding (“Rosinter”) is the leading casual dining chain operator in Russia and the CIS. Rosinter operates its key proprietary brands “IL Patio” (Italian cuisine) and “Planet Sushi” (Japanese cuisine) and it also develops the international brands T.G.I.Friday’s (American cuisine) and Costa Coffee (coffee shops) under a franchise agreement.


Sotsgorbank Commercial Bank

The Sotsgorbank commercial bank opened in 1992. Sotsgorbank is a small private bank, with operations centered on the Moscow region. Its key areas of business are lending of corporate and private customers, and private deposits.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has revoked the banking license held by Sotsgorbank effective April 18,2011.


Soglasie Insurance
Soglasie Insurance

SOGLASIE Insurance Co. Ltd. is one of the insurance market leaders of the Russian Federation, a successful business enterprise since 1993. All these years have seen SOGLASIE as a role model of reliability, transparency and expertise, which served as the basis of sound foundations for further growth and the implementation of the ambitious vigorous development strategy.

During the recent years the Company’s growth rates have surpassed those of the market thus securing it a position in the top 10 of the major Russian insurers. Its progress is evidenced by the high annual financial performance indicators. Thus, at the end of the year 2011 the SOGLASIE premiums grew by 59% and amounted to 27.2 billion roubles, while the insurance claims amounted to 12.6 billion roubles. The authorised share capital of 4.3 billion roubles secures a strong and steady financial position of the Company.

089 Directory Service
089 Directory Service (St.Peterburg)

089 is a local directory that also offers customer support, telephone marketing and market research services. 089 runs a Call-o-Call® contact-center with an individual IVR module and operator group for each client. The contact center is integrated with the internal CRM system and the operator’s desktop for optimal performance. The automatic dialing feature of the Call-o-Call® center is critical for telephone promotion campaigns, while the statistics feature helps in monitoring the operators and calculating the service cost.


Chto Delat' Consulting
Chto Delat Consulting

The Chto Delat (How do I) consulting company is a national leader of business consulting with local branches in Moscow. St.Petersburg and Murmansk. The St.Petersburg branch runs a Call-o-Call® contact-center to serve their phone communication needs.


Content Mobile Company

Content Mobile is a large VAS service provider and a recognized leader of the mobile phone extra service market since 2005. Their Call-o-Call® contact-center is specifically set up by Forte-IT to match the company’s internal structure for most efficient reception, routing, coordination and statistical analysis of incoming calls.


Moscow Central Depositary
Moscow Central Depositary (MCD)

MCD is a leading Russian stock trade registrar operating at the home stock market for over 10 years. MCD runs the Call-o-Call® contact-center by Forte-IT as its primary customer communication facility.

KupiVIP is an online shopping club in Russia, operated by Privat Trade Ltd. The site organises designer brand online sales in fashion and fashion accessories with discounts of up to 70% off boutique prices. KupiVIP is using the Call-o-Call® contact-center by Forte-IT for efficient member communication.


Baikal-Service Shipping
Baikal-Service Shipping

The Baikal-Service company has been a major player in the Russian shipping and transportation market since 1995, renowned for its reliability and responsibility. The company’s specialty lies in oversized cargo transportation and container shipping by both air and ground with a current customer base in over 100 cities all over Russia.

The Baikal-Service company operates the Call-o-Call® contact-center by Forte-IT.