Quick Profile: Development, installation and maintenance of computer telephony systems

The Forte-IT company entered the Russian computer telephony market in 1994 to soon become a leading telecommunications software manufacturer. Every Forte-IT’s solution relies on the state-of-the-art hardware by our strategic partner Intel Dialogic®, a world renowned leader and pioneer of the computer telephony industry.

Our business fundamentals are:

  • Close cooperation with hardware manufacturers
    Our engineers keep in close touch with CompTek and Intel Dialogic to stay on the edge of the telecommunications and computer telephony technologies. We have a priveledge of being among the first adopters of their latest equipment, as wells as a priority right for their tech support, extra documentation and consults. This powerful advantage helps us to always come out with the best possible solutions for our customers.
  • 100% customized solutions
    Our engineers perform a most detailed and fully individualized research of every customer’s situation. It ensures the customer recieves the truly optimum solution for their computer telephony needs with regards to their vision, timeframe and budget.
  • Intensive after-sale support 
    Forte-IT offers a time-proven and thorough after-sale support program that includes step-by-step installation, system setup, personnel training, warranty service and post-warranty repairs for even better customer satisfaction.
  • Partnership with telecommunications system builders and integrators 
    Forte-IT’s partnering with primary contractors of telecommunications construction and renovation projects repeatedly proved to be very efficient for every party involved. Native system integration provides for higher quality, faster completion and better operation. Along with our special partner discounts it translates into significant cost savings for the customer.

Forte-IT now offers both traditional computer telephony solutions (call-centers, IVR, IVVR) and the most advanced universal IntelleScript Pro platform for efficient development and deployment of communication network services of any complexity.

Every product by Forte-IT undergoes all legally required compliance certification procedures. As of today, the Call-o-Call® contact center system has been fully certified for operation. The IntelleScript Pro platform currently awaits certification to qualify as a service switching unit (SSP), the intellectual periphery (IP), system management unit (SMP), service creation environment (SCEP) and service control unit (SCP).

Forte-IT spares no effort to share our professionalism and creativity with the computer telephony community. Our engineers are active writing contributors to wide-circulation computer magazines and telecommunications industry media. Also, we never miss a chance to showcase our latest technological achivements at local, regional and international industry forums.